Tito la Rosa - Memoria

from by Critical Beats


Another of Tito's profound medicine songs. This track was originally recorded as part of a movie score.

Tito's interest in Critical Beats and our interest in rainforest preservation is in part described by the Quechua word "Ayni" which means reciprocity. It is a spiritual law as well as a law of nature. It is at heart the principle that underlies the establishment of trust and mutual connection. Simple put, this principle can be stated…that as so I give, I will be provided for. This is the sacred trust of being. It is a key to health and healing. When we operate in the field of Ayni, we touch a frequency that allows for the possibility for deep connection and nourishment, as well as the possibility of synchronicity and miracles.


from Critical Beats Samples, released April 19, 2010



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